Sustainability Report

We have prepared our first ever sustainability report based on the criteria of the "Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex" (German Sustainability Code) and the complementary GRI-Standards. The report has been audited by the DNK team and is now officially approved and published. Note that the report is currently only available in German.

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Our Vision "Sustainable Road to Profit"

By 2038, we will be a CO2-neutral logistics service provider for steel logistics in Europe and actively face the challenges of the environment and society.

We acknowledge the well-being of our employees as the basis for providing our customers with a high-quality service at a fair price and for realising sustainable and profitable growth. To this end, we invest primarily in digitalisation, modern logistics solutions and engine technologies as well as in the training and occupational safety of our employees.


Protecting the environment is high on the list of social challenges. Above all, changes in the use of fossil fuels have a significant impact on the logistics industry. Therefore, our goal is to be a CO2 neutral logistics service provider by 2038.

RKI terrain with forest in sunshine

To achieve this, we want to

  • Reduce CO2.
    This starts with the optimisation of unloaded mileage through a central disposition, which we already introduced a few years ago, and continues with modern transport equipment and energy-saving office equipment. However, we want to gradually switch to environmentally friendly alternatives rather than simply replace everything at once. This applies, for example, to the acquisition of electric/hybrid cars as new company cars.
  • Offset CO2 emissions.
    While compensation can’t be the final solution, it is an important and effective step on the long road to being CO2-neutral. Hence, we want to offer and motivate our customers to join us in offsetting our services.
  • Consider sustainability from all perspectives.
    CO2 is significant, but there are also other important aspects of sustainability. For example, a resource-saving, fuel-optimized and especially save transport contributes to environmental protection without directly saving CO2.


Companies inhibit an important role in society. We try to live up to this role by being socially responsible. Besides the environment, this applies foremost to the people we work with daily.

  • We believe in honest, respectful communication
  • We offer fair working conditions and flexible working hours wherever possible
  • We strive for equality for all genders, religious views or ages

While we are convinced of these value, we may not be perfect in applying them in every situation. However, we are constantly trying to be better. Further, we are not only concerned with the people we work with every day. Supporting Kindernothilfe e.V. has been a matter close to our hearts for years.


Our employees are the central pillar for all services we offer, the quality of our work and the goals we aim to achieve. Therefore, the well-being of our employee is our focus.

Rheinkraft International employee in front of machine
  • Health protection and occupational safety.
    As the protection of our employees is our highest priority, our occupational safety and health management system is certified, confirming its quality. We want to provide safe working conditions and prevent any accidents. Moreover, we strive to continuously improve the measures we take to secure occupational safety and health protection. Company, managers and employees together work on safe and healthy working conditions to ensure healthy employees, smooth operations, high quality and satisfaction and thus the success of RKI.
  • Continuous education and training.
    We invest in the continuous education and training of our employees. This includes, for example, providing German classes for our colleagues from abroad. Further, our young executives have the opportunity to participate in regular Future Leader Trainings which prepare them for future tasks and responsibilities from early on. Our apprentices are invited to take part in internal and external workshops and projects to broaden their minds and learn outside of work.
  • Living the corporate vision together.
    Company growth usually leads to new employees, but it also causes higher CO2 emissions. This is why we plant a tree for every new employee. Besides its positive impact on the environment, this tree also has symbolic value: it signifies long-term cooperation and RKI’s vision as we have to work together to fulfil it.
    The positions of retiring employees are often filled by younger colleagues. In these situations, we plant a tree, too. Its root are a symbol for the foundation the retiring employee has laid during their years of work. At the same time, the tree symbolizes the company’s growth potential and the exciting future of the younger employee. This connects our vision with our philosophy, which presents RKI as a combination of tradition, modernity and the future of logistics.
  • Team building.
    We like to get together regularly to spend time together outside of work. Typical occasions are Christmas parties, summer parties or anniversary events. However, team building can also be more action-packed, for example, by competing together in the Mud Masters obstacle run.
Network cable on a router


Digitalisation and automation are essential in the modern world. Being innovative in the digitalisation of business processes is a real success factor as it helps to gain a competitive advantage. We contribute the future of logistics by developing tools which allow us to create transparent, resource-saving and holistic solutions that benefit us and our customers.

Sustainable, profitable growth

We strive for sustainable and profitable growth rather than growth at all costs. On the one hand, we rely on trusting, longstanding customer relations. On the other hand, we are diversifying our business activities by opening up new markets and winning new customers. A balanced sectoral mix, strong relationships to our customers and a reliable team are the drivers of our success. The foundation for these drivers and thus sustainable growth are our responsibility for the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees. Nevertheless, we want to face challenges and be a brave leading logistics service provider for the European steel industry, shaping the future of logistics.

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