Steel producers

Efficient supply chains are the key for the European steel industry to remain competitive on the international market. We take care of your supply chain by combining the optimal carriers for your procurement, production and distribution. Further, you can rely on us to connect each step of the supply chain, resulting in efficient, resource-saving logistic for steel producers.

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Steel trading & Steel service centres

The success of steel traders and steel service centres strongly depends on the on-time availability of their products. Efficient logistics is the basis for optimised stock levels and high delivery quality. In addition, transport safety is a crucial success factor and requires in-depth knowledge, as different types of steel have different logistical needs. Since our special expertise lies in steel logistics, you can rely on us to know and implement these requirements in the areas of transport and storage.

Steel and plant construction

Almost all of Europe’s key industries depend on steel as a basic material. In steel and plant construction, high-quality and valuable capital goods are produced, ranging from single items to whole industrial plants. Due to their value, dimensions and volume but also the project duration, their logistics go beyond the usual. Individual solutions and in-depth experience are necessary to meet the requirements of such projects. We are happy to share our know-how with you.

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Tube and pipe producers

Tubes and pipes come in different shapes and sizes and are used in various areas, ranging from impassable construction sites to highly hygienic locations. While the pipes themselves are carriers of gas and liquids and tubes serve structural purposes, their own transport is subject to high requirements on transport safety and thus demands special know-how. Just-in-time deliveries pose an additional challenge to logistics. Our specialised transport equipment enables us to carry pipes and tubes in almost all dimensions.

Raw material and building material suppliers

Efficient logistics is necessary to secure the supply of raw materials, which is a central pillar of Europe’s role as a leading industrial area. Weight, volume and import restrictions pose particular challenges when dealing with raw materials, but also with building materials. Moreover, time plays an important role, as deliveries have to be on-time to keep production and construction sites on schedule. We have the necessary professional competence to create resilient and safe transport chains.

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Aluminium is a central material in many areas of the modern world, especially due to its importance for environmental progress. For example, aluminium is popular in electromobility as it is known to be lighter than other materials. Moreover, aluminium is well suited for recycling. When the material is carried in a liquid state, recipients don’t have to melt it for further processing, providing a large energetic advantage. We have trailers for special transport crucibles that are subject to strict safety requirements. Hence, profound knowledge of transports of dangerous goods is essential. The aggregate state of liquid aluminium forces efficient, flexible logistics processes and just-in-time deliveries.


In the procurement step, we supply production sites of automobile manufacturers with aluminium and steel for their production. We are also involved in the distribution step following the production. For example, we supply components facilities with vendor parts. In the automotive industry, organisational and control concepts such as just-in-time or just-in-sequence are particularly in demand. With RKI, you have a reliable and flexible service provider on your side.

Automotive parts
Stacked wooden panels


Due to its versatility, wood is an important raw material and especially important for the paper and packaging industry. As there is a persistent shortage in wood, the supply is occasionally challenging and requires efficient logistics and high flexibility. Generally, wood is transported as sawn timber, which poses high requirements on load securing and means of transport. Furthermore, wood is very sensitive to moisture and temperatures, but with our open and covered trailers, we will find the best solution for your product.

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(Waste) Paper

About two thirds of the paper fibres processed in Europe are obtained from waste paper. This recycled product is therefore not only an essential part of the paper and packaging industry, but also of great importance for the circular economy. For easier handling during transport and storage, the individual pieces of paper are usually pressed into bales and strapped with wire. When transporting this good, it is important to consider its sensitivity to moisture.

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Circular Economy

Every day, tons of waste are generated in industry. While in the past this waste was often simply disposed of, today a large part of it is recycled and reused, which, besides economic benefits, contributes to environmental protection and counteracts climate change. In addition to waste paper and (liquid) aluminium, we also carry other recycling goods such as waste containing zinc from battery-recycling. As transports of recycled substances and products is subject to strict safety und legal regulations, a reliable, competent and experiences logistics service provider is essential.


In the area of beverage transports, we focus on lighter, resource-saving PET bottles that are mainly filled with water and lemonade. Since PET bottles are quite sensitive and legal regulations for the food industry are strict, specific measures regarding transport safety are necessary. Customers trust in our experience in this area as well.

Plastic bottles


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