All-round logistics solutions

RKI has more than 60 years of experience in various areas of logistics. Based on this expertise, we have developed further competencies, complementing our professional service portfolio. Our set of skills enables us to offer modern, holistic and sustainable logistics solutions. From a single transport to comprehensive 5-PL-services, we provide customised logistics according to you needs.

Transport Logistics

We offer multimodal logistics solutions that enable us to provide our customers with the best combination of means of transport for road, rail and sea. When developing the optimal solution, we consider economic as well as ecological arguments. Transports requiring high flexibility and short reaction times are carried out with our truck fleet. The combination of road and railway is a promising solution for CO2-reduced logistics, thus, we offer combined transport for domestic and cross-border routes. Further, barges are the best solution for efficient transcontinental transports.

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Side view of a Rheinkraft International truck

We offer

  • Individual transport concepts including combined transport
  • Transport solutions with resource-saving flat racks
  • Just-in-time or just-in-sequence deliveries
  • Tour planning & -optimisation
  • Disposition
  • Order processing
  • Customs clearance
RKI employee in front of truck transport area

Steel and metal transports

As the fast and promising development of the European steel industry in the 20th century originally led to the founding of RKI, our special expertise lies in steel logistics. Today, we are a leading provider of steel logistics solutions and convince our customers with experience, high flexibility and specialised transport equipment.

We forward

  • Part loads and full truck loads of coils
  • Sheets and tubes (also in overlength and over-width)
  • Beams
  • Profiles
  • Heavy cargo and special cargo
  • Liquid aluminium
Cable drums in the warehouse of Rheinkraft International

Warehouse Logistics

A fundamental part of supply chains is storage. Efficient warehousing faces challenges such as appropriate storage conditions and a minimized capital commitment while ensuring maximized delivery capacity. We handle and optimise your storage processes with the support of modern EDP-supported warehouse management systems. We offer efficient solutions for our own warehouses as well as those of our customers.

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Our range of warehouse processes includes

  • Storage and retrieval
  • Warehouse management
  • Handling
  • Commissioning
  • Assembly
  • Packing
  • Shipping process
  • Time slot management
  • Quality control
  • Inventory management

Production Logistics

To meet the high demands of our customers, an interdisciplinary team of experts develops the optimal solution for our on-site logistics. The aim of production logistics is to link procurement and distribution on our customers’ sites, hence close their process chain. The direct connection to the customer's ERP system ensures the internal flow of materials along the production processes. Again, our special expertise is in the steel industry, where intermediate products are produced in different dimensions, processing states and temperatures. Designated special vehicles are used to transport these products.

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Transport vehicle from Rheinkraft International

We offer

  • Individual concepts
  • Transport of raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials
  • Transport of intermediate products
  • Transport of semi-finished and finished products
  • Disposal of production facilities
Transport of a pulley

Project Logistics

Project logistics usually deals with high-cost goods. As delays during the project implementation can cause substantial costs, a precise organisation and coordination of the different shipping and receiving locations as well as completion dates is crucial. We have the necessary experience and foresight to deliver your goods in a profitable, efficient and reliable way. As each project is unique, the project teams are composed individually.

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We take care of

  • Project management
  • Transport planning including scheduling
  • Temporary storage
  • Obtaining transport permits
  • Preparation of transport documents (packing lists, waybills, customs documents)
  • Crane work
  • Assembly work
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance services


As a leading provider of steel logistics solutions, RKI efficiently combines tradition and modernity and shapes the future of logistics. Digitalisation and automation are central pillars of our modern, future-oriented philosophy. Accordingly, we rely on self-developed IT-solutions that can be tailored according to our customer’s needs. We also provide support for the implementation of already available systems in standing processes.

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Network cable on a router
Preview of the Rheinkraft International app


The RKI App simplifies our everyday work and offers added value for truck drivers, dispatchers, customers and recipients. Drivers use the app on their mobile phones and dispatchers can access all the necessary information from the dashboard.

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The App contains the following information and functions

  • Calculation of arrival times
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Loading and unloading time in real time
  • Recording of waiting times
  • Overview of the routes and unloading points for the driver

LIMA SmartTower

The LIMA SmartTower is an in-house developed customizable solution for merged platform-based data from your supply chain. It enables an optimal exchange of information as content, data and tasks together create a comprehensive overview, increasing transparency and knowledge. The LIMA SmartTower thus serves as a resource-saving, sustainable and holistic solution.

Huge tower building from frog perspective

The SmartTower offers

  • Digitalisation of your logistics processes
  • Individual module configuration
  • Optimisation of your fault and deviation management
  • Consolidation of your processes on one platform
  • Higher process quality and speed
  • Convenient and user-friendly online access

In addition to these existing digital solutions, we are happy to offer individual solutions which are developed in cooperation with you.


Outsourcing logistics solutions offers many advantages, among others more flexibility and higher quality, efficiency increases and cost reductions. We support you in achieving these benefits with our professional service and distinct logistics know-how. We offer in-depth knowledge, experience and modern, future-oriented IT solutions. From 3PL to 4PL or even 5PL: Together, we will find the optimal solution for your needs.

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Employee checks quality of sheet metal rolls


As 3PL service provider, we take care of your transports and accompany your entire supply chain as a long-term business partner.

Possible services include

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Handling
  • Shipping
  • Packing
  • Forwarding (road freight, sea freight, rail freight)
  • Returns management


While a 3PL service provider handles individual supply chain services, a 4PL service provider serves the entire supply chain management and its organisation and optimisation.

In addition to the services of a 3PL service provider, we carry out

  • Tender management
  • Process optimisation
  • Use of logistics software
  • Document management
  • Logistics controlling


As a 5PL service provider we offer consulting services on top of the above-mentioned supply chain management services. We support you in integrating your supply chain into your entire network and become your full-service logistics provider.


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